Benefits of using thermal imaging

There is zero to minimal downtime when using thermal imaging drones which means you can remain fully operational. Saves your company money by detecting any faulty components, systems, or areas of a building which can also meet compliance and prevent larger problems in the future!

Accuracy and speed are crucial when capturing the distribution and release of heat signatures which means we can capture analysis of equipment while under normal operating conditions. By having routine inspections using thermal and multi spectral imaging we can help revolutionize your predictive maintenance program by delivering accurate data.

Building Diagnostics

We can help with:

  • Building heat loss surveys by inspecting the exterior of a building along its seams and window seals. This will identify any irregularities in efficiency and energy loss.
  • Missing or ineffective Insulation – by performing a simple flight on the exterior of a residential home or along the soffits of a commercial building we may be able to help identify heat loss in these areas.
  • Roof Inspections for water intrusion – this is a proven method to help identify any areas of your flat roof that may have water intrusion or standing water. This process is important to implement when leasing, selling or purchasing a property to ensure that your roof is in good working order. Roof replacements are very expensive and can lead to downtime in your operation.
  • Solar Panel Inspections – we can inspect your solar panels to ensure that they are working properly and creating an efficient source of solar energy. Before installation of solar panel arrays it is highly recommended to have a thermal scan of your roof to ensure that there is no water intrusion which can cause issues with the installation process and later down the road if you have to remove the solar panels to fix the roof will cost much more than dealing it on the front end.

Other Services

Our services obtain the best possible results with well-trained knowledgeable employees.

real estate

Whether you are getting ready to sell a location or multiple locations we can capture high quality images that undergo a quality checklist.

Monitoring & Progress

We offer a comprehensive plan to capture images and video from start to finish on your job site.

Power Washing

This is a new technology that has hit the market in the last couple of years with a growing demand due to the reduced costs that we can bring to our clients, less liability versus traditional methods, all with the same if not better results that are done in half the time.


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