Imaging and collection process

In commercial real estate, using high-quality megabyte cameras via drones for exterior and high-quality handheld cameras for interior photography is a crucial part of selling your property to market online. We follow a simple but appealing shot list that is consistent whether you have 1 property or 10 properties to consider listing. These marketing photos are great for capturing the surrounding areas, entrances, major highways, pedestrian, and vehicle traffic. All of our photos undergo a quality checklist to ensure that the shot list is followed and in compliance with the camera settings that we need to make for great-looking photos.

Video marketing via drones and high-quality cameras can give people another perspective on your property. We can create short-form, long-form, and relatable content for your viewers based on what you are looking for. Do you want to drive more traffic to your commercial real estate website? Show off the property with an aerial tour. Create fun and engaging videos to boost online interactions.


Final shots will be delivered within 24-48 hours of the photo shoot and re-shoots due to missing items or poor quality photos will be done so at the photographer’s expense. Delivering data over a shared drive or transferring software will be done so to ensure that quality photos are sent and not compromised.

Video strategy typically takes longer to produce high quality content that you need, we can create a roadmap on how to use the footage, and ultimately why it is important to utilize it properly.

Industries served

  • Shopping centers/Malls – keep those empty spaces filled and attract nearby shoppers.
  • Undeveloped land– we can identify property boundaries and capture crucial points of the property.
  • Apartment complexes/HOAs – attract tenants by showing off your beautiful property and its amenities.
  • Golf courses – an aerial view of your well groomed golf course can attract visitors and provide golfers a different perspective on each hole.
  • Office parks/buildings – show potential investors or business owners how professional these spaces can suit them.
  • Public parks – show off any events or fun features of your park so that people in the community engage more.
  • Industrial sites – need to see where your equipment is located? Want to see the condition of your buildings? In need of an OGI inspection?
  • And more…

Other Services

Our services obtain the best possible results with well-trained knowledgeable employees.

Monitoring & Progress

We offer a comprehensive plan to capture images and video from start to finish on your job site.

Thermal Imaging
and inspections

We can capture high resolution images of thermal signatures that may indicate energy loss on buildings and solar panels, water retention, and even security & surveillance operations

Power Washing

This is a new technology that has hit the market in the last couple of years with a growing demand due to the reduced costs that we can bring to our clients, less liability versus traditional methods, all with the same if not better results that are done in half the time.


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