The Process

Drones are a great asset to the process of construction monitoring. By using a drone to monitor the progress of your construction site you can decrease the costs versus using a helicopter or plane fly overs which will keep your project on budget and the data generated can ensure that deadlines are met. From the beginning of the project until the building is cleaned and ready for the tenant to move into is what we will capture.

Delivering the data through recognized and shared software is an option or through any document sharing platform can easily deliver the data that your team needs. We also offer comprehensive video packages to create timelapse videos. Utilize drone technology for construction monitoring!

We have a few simple steps that we follow to ensure these images are providing a benefit for the project:

  • Pre-construction to see the site as is.
  • Clearing, how many trees or earth have to be moved?
  • Grading, topography, and drainage modeling.
  • General construction progress on a recurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visit.
  • As built survey to check the quality and warranty of work.

Consistency is key

We want to ensure that consistent data is captured every visit to meet your needs, backtrack data, and compare the progress in between missions. We do this by creating a simple yet effective shot list that covers all of the key areas of your site including, high altitude shots that cover an entire site and low ground level shots that may capture the condition of various on site equipment.

We are capable of creating accurate orthomosaic images that are accurate up to 0.4 inches/px that can annotate, track notes, and measure lengths. Once we have flown a job site we can create an automated flight path for our drone to ensure that the same photos are taken for high accuracy.

Data Protection

Data security is important to us as we want to have a lasting relationship with our clients and they trust us with current and future projects. Per our contract that is signed before any work is done we will amend your security and data protection needs.

We store all of our data on local hard drives and servers as backups. We will not share, sell, or redistribute your sensitive data unless agreed upon for our own or your own marketing material.

Other Services

Our services obtain the best possible results with well-trained knowledgeable employees.

real estate

Whether you are getting ready to sell a location or multiple locations we can capture high quality images that undergo a quality checklist.

Thermal Imaging
and inspections

We can capture high resolution images of thermal signatures that may indicate energy loss on buildings and solar panels, water retention, and even security & surveillance operations

Power Washing

This is a new technology that has hit the market in the last couple of years with a growing demand due to the reduced costs that we can bring to our clients, less liability versus traditional methods, all with the same if not better results that are done in half the time.


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